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How Helped Red Bull Re-Invent with

Analyse, Innovate & Deliver Better  For Your Consumers's AI-powered platform enabled Complemen+ to conduct surveys and gather data from a large sample of scented candle users in a short amount of time. By analyzing the data collected, provided Complemen+ with detailed insights into their target audience, including their favorite candle scents, how often they burn candles, and what types of occasions they typically use candles for.

Project Brief

Red Bull is looking to enhance their product range through innovation. To make this vision a reality, it was crucial to delve into the depths of their consumer personas and confirm their assumptions.

About The Company


Allexcel Trading Sdn. Bhd is the exclusive brand representative and master distributor of Red Bull Energy Drink in Malaysia. The company has been energising  Malaysians since 1993, with a consistent core focus in helping people boost, focus, and sustain their energy throughout the day.

The Challenge


Access to representative number of Malaysians

In efforts to better understand the market in its current form, Allexcel Trading needed access to a representative number of Malaysians to educate themselves on the consumer personas and learn how they could serve these consumers in more significant ways.

A team with limited research experience

Allexcel Trading had a clear vision in mind. However, they were not equipped with the relevant expertise to approach the research or attain the data needed to strategise their marketing

Limited time & budget

It was a challenge for them to spend big bucks on consumer research, being an SME. They needed something easy enough for them to navigate on their own, affordable, and on top of that, they needed something fast.

The Solution


Appropriate Audience

With a requirement to reach and understand the behaviours of nationally representative Malaysians, was a great choice as they had access to their proprietary panel of respondents.

Customised Survey Design's research experts provided strategic guidance in survey design, and ensured the survey flow focused on understanding consumer decisions and behaviours,. From there, we could identify their personas.

Data Interpretation

Data is essential, but insights are what businesses need. expert researchers helped the Allexcel team navigate large amounts of data from the survey, to extract valuable insights.

The Delivery matched client's budget with their requirement

The client was able to retain their budget for this project as helped design the project to fit the allocated budget.

Time concern solved with easy-to-use dashboard

Speed has been a common request as with many research projects. Fortunately, with's online tool and dashboard, this is no longer a concern, as we can deliver results in under 24-hours.

Lack of or no research experience is no longer a problem

Expert researchers in the team are always available to guide you through customised survey designs to ensure your questionnaire receives the most quality and meaningful output.

Validating your ideas and consumer groups

With results delivered under 24-hours, you can quickly identify and validate your assumptions. If and where needed, you can strategically modify your marketing decisions.
You can also find out if you are targeting the appropriate demographics or if your products are better suited for a different audience.

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