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Our Mission

To make human insights accessible to everyone, instantly.

There are no bad decisions, only uninformed ones. Whether you’re a brand, an organisation or the government, knowing your consumers allows you to stay relevant in today’s competitive world.

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Our Story

The reason behind our name — Vase

It came from Validation as a Service (VaaS), when pronounced sounds like vase, so we are Vase. Vase started from the frustration that there was no easy way to know whether or not we are building a product that people love. Traditional consumer research companies are built to cater to large enterprises, making it simply too costly for small businesses to do research.

Even then, current solutions for large enterprises are painfully slow and expensive. Consumers today make decisions based on what their friends and family shared yesterday, not 3 months ago. Current solutions in the market just can’t keep up.

We at Vase work hard every day to make sure businesses get the information they need, when they need it, enabling them to build better products & brands that delight consumers. We are truly changing the world, with fast, accurate and real human insights. And we hope to change yours, too.

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Our Values

These help guide the decisions we make daily

We are all in this together

We believe that your goals should align with Vase’s goal in order to do great work. When Vase wins, you win, and vice versa.

Do the right thing for the company

The ultimate question for ourselves in all decision making is: are we doing the right thing for the company? We trust each other to always do the right thing for the company.

Pursue exponential growth & learning

At Vase, we encourage and embody lifelong learning. We believe that you should always be hungry to grow, and that’s the best capital you have. Absence of growth gives way to existence of decay.

Passion & Determination

We spend 1/3 of our life at work. So do the work we love, don’t spend 1/3 of our life hating ourselves. We believe when we do what we love, we automatically do great work. You should be willing to sleep in the office once in a while to produce great work.


Reliability stands for delivering what you say you will. What is promised by you is your responsibility. Communicate clearly to align expectations when you are failing. Take ownership of the work you do. Success should be common; failure shouldn’t be a surprise.


At Vase, the able rise regardless of background. We only discriminate based on ability, and we measure ability with numbers. Don’t just respect titles; respect knowledge & ability.

Smart irreverence prevents problems

Speak up if you see a problem. Smart irreverence is respected. We’d rather over-communicate and cover bases than assume problems do not exist. Speak up if you know a more effective way to do things. We are here to challenge the status quo, not to conform to dead processes. We grow on the premise that technology shifts very quickly, nobody knows everything, and collectively, we can cover each other’s blind spots.

Disagree and commit

We believe when we put a group of geniuses towards reaching consensus, arguments and disagreements will ensue. In fact, arguments and disagreements are a good sign that the decision is being taken seriously, consensus from the outset generally represents conventional thinking. However, it’s important for all of us to commit and back a decision when it’s made, no half-assed work is permitted. When a decision is made, we all commit to making it happen.

You throw the trash, I wash the toilet

When we first started Vase, we worked out of a house till we’re too big to fit. The founders had to take out the trash every end of day (we sometimes still do), wash the toilets once every few days. We believe petty but necessary is important. We respect and appreciate people who are willing to do the petty, for it keeps the company running.

Empower each other through sharing

There is magic when cross-functional teams come together and share knowledge. Many problems can be solved easily if you have access to the knowledge of others. We believe brilliant ideas spark when thoughts aggregate, and infinite gains ensues when knowledge shared.

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