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Frequently Asked Quesions

Still have questions about Vase.ai? Contact our Sales team

What are credits?

Credits are like responses. If you ask 1 question to 1 person, that’s 1 credit. If you ask 2 questions to 100 people, that’s 2 x 100 = 200 credits.

What are the benefits of subscribing instead of doing one-off research?

One-off research is good to understand the current data & trends. Subscribing for more research will provide you with 3 key advantages.

1. Track growth - It provides you with tracking insights such as "is your product or ad performing better this quarter versus the last quarter". This allows you to track growth and measure any improvement or weakening trends.

2. Be proactive instead of reactive - Instead of firefighting - waiting for the problem to happen and then conduct research, subscribing allows you to proactively track your progress and get early indication when any weaknesses arise. This allows you to act faster to tackle issues before they become threatening problems.

3. Flexibility to be data-driven at all times - Subscribing provides you with the flexibility to skip the cumbersome procurement process and conduct any size of research. You could be asking 1 question today and getting the data in 24 hours, providing you with the ability to act fast.

I am not research-savvy, can I use Vase.ai?

Yes! Vase.ai is built for individuals like you :) No worries if you're not research-savvy, our platform is baked with the best practices of research and we have Research Experts who can help you to ask the right questions, get the right data and share the insights with you.

I only want to ask 5 questions in my research, can I use Vase.ai?

Absolutely. You can even ask just 1 question :)

What's the process if I am interested to sign up at Vase.ai?

Get started here. Our team will be in touch for a product demo, and create an account for you to get started, as quickly as today!

I need a proposal to submit to my boss, can you send me a proposal in slides format?

We have prepared our proposal in slides for your usage. Please reach out to us so that we can send you a softcopy via email and help you with your pitch to your boss.

How do I know how much credits I need for a study?

If you already know how many questions you want to ask and how many people you want to get response from, then you can buy the credits based on your calculation. For example, if you ask 10 questions to 400 people, that’s 4,000 credits.

If you don’t have the questions ready, no worries - you can use our template or we can customized for you. Here are some examples of the credits you need depending on your research:

  • Brand health audit - 20,000 credits
  • Consumer usage & attitude - 20,000 credits
  • Advertisement effectiveness - 15,000 credits
  • Packaging design test - 12,000 credits
  • Product validation - 15,000 credits
  • A/B Test - 5,000 credits.

You can reach out to us if you have other research in mind.

What does the PowerPoint report look like?

Get started here and we will send you an example of how the report looks like.

How fast can I get the data?

Once we launch the research project, you will see the data streaming in in real-time. Usually, for us to collect 400 pax, it takes 24 hours.

Who are responding to my surveys? Can I trust them?

We have a database of 450,000 respondents ranging from 13 years and above. We cover all states in Malaysia and have people from both the urban and rural region. You can also indicate who your specific target audience is if you want to target only a subset of the population. We employ strict identity-verification to all the respondents in our database. We have direct access to our respondents and hence we're able to do a first-party check. Only those who have passed through our identity check will be participating in your survey.

How do you ensure data accuracy?

We apply multiple techniques to ensure the high quality of data that we provide to clients for analysis, specifically:

  • Speeder check
  • Straight-liner check
  • Logic check
  • Habitual non-response to open ended questions
  • Demographics check‍

Respondents who consistently fail our quality checks will be removed from our database entirely.