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Understand your target audience, inside out

  • Get answers from 3.6M South East Asian consumers
  • Get reliable insights –not just responses even if you’re new to research
  • Support from research experts
Frame 37
The #1 Consumer Research Platform
Trusted by 250+ companies to get reliable AI-driven research and insight.

Consumer research that gets to the heart of what people want

Save your time, resources and avoid bad decisions. Designed by consumer research experts.


Consumer Attitude

This research is for teams looking to identify the market size of the problems that they are tackling.
Perfect for those who Intend to validate if the problem they tackle is a serious problem that people are willing to pay to solve.

Consumer Journey

This research is for teams looking to validate their ideas or find a winning idea.
Perfect for those who look to get feedback on their initial idea.

Shopper Experience

This research is for teams looking to validate their solutions concept and identify the interest level among the target consumer.
Perfect for those who are designing their solution concept and looking to fill in the gaps.

Building Your Customer Profile

This research is for products that are already launched into the market.
Perfect for those teams looking to get feedback on their product and gauge customer satisfaction.

Consumer Segmentation

This research is for teams looking to test different pricing & promotion to identify appeal level.

Adapt to the changing consumer behaviour with 


Get the most up-to-date consumer insights when planning your next strategy

Consumers are changing faster than ever. Relying on fresh brand insights as fast as 24 hours allows your business to have accurate data on hand and be informed for your business strategy.

Know how the consumer uses your products 

Wondering how consumers are using your products? Get answers today using our platform to have a constant peek into how consumers are using your products and even your competitors'.


Discover their motivations, attitudes, behaviours & preferences

Gain a deeper understanding of what consumers do, prefer and think about. Analyse customer satisfaction and gaps in their expectations.

Target the consumers that you care about

We help you focus on getting personalized data from your target customers, from national representative of the country population to specific segment on only those who buy your product category.


Get persona -segmented insights in real time

Generate real-time insights on how each persona behaves in just a few clicks. No research knowledge required.


How brands uses for better research

How outperforms traditional research



Save 5x of your time from waiting for results with AI-driven insights



Get the most accurate standing of your brand with fresh insights


Be in control

Enable you to dig deeper instantly with follow-up questions


Get guidance

Enjoy the speed to insights with Research Expert customisation

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