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Accelerate Your Market Research with our Add-ons!

Get real actionable insights from your market research with our add-ons. Save time and effort while getting more comprehensive results from your research survey.

Survey Building & Scripting
RM 1,500 / per survey
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Our team of experienced research professionals will work closely with you during an initial consultation session to understand your project's core objectives, metrics, and desired insights. With this information, we'll help you craft a high-quality, targeted survey that will yield valuable data for your research efforts.
What’s included:
Group 3960 (2) A consultative session with our Research Experts
Group 3960 (2) Alignment on your objectives & ideal insights
Group 3960 (2) Survey Building from scratch
Group 3960 (2) Review Checks for Research Best Practices
Group 3960 (2) Setup & Scripting on our platform
Group 3960 (2) Launch for collection to your Target Respondents & Demographics
Group 3960 (2) Apply 4 Level of data cleaning for all collected responses
Group 3960 (2) Generate your Insights
Group 3960 (2) Debrief you with an Insights Q&A session
Full Research Report
RM 4,700 ~ RM 8,200 / per survey
Frame 162-1
You may now opt for a thoroughly researched, professionally written report that highlights the most critical insights gleaned from your survey. This report not only presents the raw data but also provides a thorough analysis of the responses, emphasising the key takeaways and actionable insights for easy implementation.
What’s included:
Group 3960 (2) Research Design
Group 3960 (2) Methodology
Group 3960 (2) Respondents Criteria
Group 3960 (2) Collection Period
Group 3960 (2) Sample Size
Group 3960 (2) Research Objectives
Group 3960 (2) Respondent Profile
Group 3960 (2) Key Insights & Findings
Group 3960 (2) Summary

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