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Make sure your ads engage your audience

  • Measure the impact of your advertising campaign
  • Test which ads ideas resonate the most with consumers
  • Trusted by renowned media agencies & FMCG giants
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Campaign research that increases your audience engagement

Save your time, resources and avoid PR blunders. Designed by campaign research experts.


Pre-Ad Testing

Best for teams that:
  • Look to validate storyboards or ads concept with the target audience.
  • Intend to understand if the advertising concept is producing the intended results or if it generates any unexpected negative reaction.

Post-Ad Testing

Best for teams that:
  • Intend to measure the effectiveness of their marketing campaign in uplifting their brand.
  • Understand why consumers like/dislike the ads.
  • Look to validate their solutions concept and identify the interest level among their target consumers.
  • Are designing their solution concept and looking to bridge any gaps.

Messaging Testing

Best for teams that are:
  • Looking to test advertising messaging that can appeal best to increase purchase intent and differentiate from competitors.

Media Consumption Behaviour

Best for teams that are:
  • Looking to allocate their media budget.
  • Understand which media does the target consumer spend their time on.

How Tech Increases the ROI of Your Ad Campaign


Test your ad ideas at scale

Test all your advertising ideas with real consumers, validate which ideas you should choose or dump. The best part is you don't have to reveal your brand name because all the testing is anonymous.

Identify audiences that resonate with your ads & those who don't

Segment your ad test and ad tracking data easily to reflect the different personas that you are targeting. Sift through their similarities and differences in a bird eye view.


Understand the reasons why some ads just don't work

Get constructive feedback on how to improve your next advertising campaign by knowing exactly WHY people dislike or don't understand your ads.

Measure if your marketing campaign uplifts your brand

Generate an ROI report for each of your marketing campaign and show your stakeholder how the marketing campaign is building and strengthening the brand equity.


Understand the local patterns of media consumption

Not sure which advertising channel you should be focusing your budget on? We help you identify the right channel by finding out where your target customers are spending their time.


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