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Accurate, reliable, on-demand brand insights

  • Understand the overall health of your brand
  • Get your brand audited as often as consumer behavior changes
  • Trusted by renowned media agencies & FMCG giants

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The #1 Consumer Research Platform
Trusted by 250+ companies to get reliable AI-driven research and insight.

Brand Awareness

Best for brands that are:
  • Below 5 years old or new to brand research
  • Currently working on increasing the level of awareness
  • Intend to know where their brand awareness stands in the eyes of the consumers

Brand Health Audit

Best for brands that are:
  • Invested in a full brand campaign involving usage, preference and perception
  • Looking to analyze their brand against the competitors, covering brand usage, brand preference and brand perception
  • Looking for ad-hoc brand audit to fill in the gap between research cycles

Brand Lift Campaign Effectiveness

Best for brands that are:
  • Planning their brand marketing campaign / brand lift exercise / rebranding exercise
  • Keen to identify the effectiveness of their brand lift campaign by measuring the pre and post campaign brand metrics

Net Promoter Score (NPS)

Best for brands that:
  • Intend to measure the likelihood of their customers recommending their products or services to their peers.
  • This score also provides understanding on customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Brand Health Tracking

Best for brands that are:
  • Running active brand campaigns throughout the year
  • Intend to conduct periodical checks to stay on top of their brand health against their competitors
  • Already conducting periodical brand health audit & would like to use our proprietary technology to strengthen their brand health tracking

Our approach to brand insights


Use the latest insights when planning brand strategiesas fast as 24 hours

Consumers are changing rapidly and so is their brand perception. Relying on fresh brand insights is crucial to deliver accurate data that can inform us of our brand development strategy.

Target the consumers that you care about

For customer retention, reach out to your customers and track their brand sentiment. For acquiring new customers, reach out to your target consumers within our database to increase your market share.


Get persona-segmented insights in real time

Learn how each persona perceives your brand differently, enabling you to target and personalise your brand strategy.

Measure if your marketing campaigns uplift your brand

Ensure your marketing campaign generates the intended ROI in terms of building and strengthening your brand equity.


Know where your brand stands against your competitors

Create a unique and successful brand positioning by understanding how each competitor is positioning their brand.


How brands uses for better research

How outperforms traditional research



Save 5x of your time from waiting for results with AI-driven insights



Get the most accurate standing of your brand with fresh insights


Be in control

Enable you to dig deeper instantly with follow-up questions


Get guidance

Enjoy the speed to insights with research expert customisation

Join 250+ companies using today

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