Brand Insights

Grow consumer love for your brand.

Identify the drivers of love not only for your brand but also for your top competitors.

Track your brand health and listen to what your customers are saying in real-time.


Find out ____________ in
brand insights

Brand Crisis Management

Turn negativity into positivity.

Evaluate and identify the key issues related to the brand that will lead to undesirable perceptions and images and eventually, influence the brand purchase intent.

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Brand Awareness / Salience

From strangers to companions. Find out your consumer’s ability to recall or recognise your brand.

Measuring brand awareness and salience helps you to clarify what consumers know about your brand & your product category.

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Brand Perception

Identify your consumer’s perception towards the brand, including

- Brand Positioning: To determine your consumer’s perception of your brand amongst competitors.
- Brand Associations: To identify what consumers associate your brand with.
- Brand Attributes: To determine unique features on particular brands, products or services.

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Brand Purchase Intent

Convert a regular visitor into a regular customer. Measure the likelihood of purchase intent and understand what triggered the decision.

This includes understanding the customer visit intention, background triggers & drivers in purchasing decision (promotion, brand, variety & options, sample products, celebrity endorsement, recommendation, reviews or advertisement) and identify the correlation between the brand awareness and purchase intention.

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Brand Penetration

Stay on top of competitors.

Assess the brand’s popularity amongst consumers in specific regions by identifying the consumer’s brand usage, purchase frequency, recency and total spending.

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Brand Judgement & Feeling

Capture customer’s experiences, feelings and judgements towards your brand post-purchase.

Measure consumer judgement post-usage, including the indication of level of satisfaction, evaluating consumer’s brand perception versus actual experiences and identify their repurchase intention.

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