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Problem Validation

Reduce risks by testing concepts early

90% of startup ideas failed because they build products that no one would pay for. Test your concept with your target consumers to reduce your risk of concept failure.

Solution Validation

Identify your most valuable customer segment

Easily dissect insights from different customer segments to pinpoint who you should be targeting to maximize growth and profit. Most businesses don't know who their most valuable customer segment should be at the ideation stage, but you do - if you test your concept.

Product Packaging Design

Iterate your concept with instant consumer feedback

Get in-depth data such as why consumers like or dislike your concept, so you learn and reflect from these insights, or make quick changes to the concept.

Advertisement Concept 

Test your concept with videos, GIFs and images.

Pictures speak louder than words. Consumers are increasingly being attracted by moving pictures than text.

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Promotion Concept

Set up promotional strategies right the first time

Optimize your marketing budget and maximize returns of investment by identifying ways that best to promote your product or service. Leverage our platform's suggested insights that can drive your promotional strategies to new heights.

Messaging Concept

Predict how your target customer will react to your concept

Identify the percentage of your target customer who would like or dislike your concept through technology and get ahead in your concept development process.

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