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Data Detective Course

Learn how to:

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Transform business issues into actionable next steps
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Conduct accurate and effective market research yourself
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Make primary research a tool in your arsenal

Our debut Data Detective course

Hardest part of market research? Data Analysis. Send help!


Episode 1: 

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Module 1: Research Objectives

Your first step in planning your market research is to define your research objectives. this module helps you define your research objectives clearly for easier data analysis and report preparation.

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Module 2: Questionnaire Design

This module helps guide you through the challenges of questionnaire design to ensure you get accurate data for your research!

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Module 3: Findings and Reports

Helps you turn your market research objectives into insightful, actionable reports with clear summaries and next steps.

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Module 4: Bonus Content

Let us help you answer your consumer research questions with Vase.ai's unique expertise!

Why this course?

Why you should join?

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Hear from Industry Leaders

From personal branding to digital marketing, our experts will experts will discuss their experiences, strategies, and valuable advice on how to maximize your brand's reach.

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Gain Insights Into the Market

Firsthand accounts and case studies from our guests about the unique opportunities that the South East Asian market has to offer and gain valuable tips on how to best leverage them. 

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Network with Professionals

Have the opportunity to meet other like-minded marketers who are looking to build their brands , connect with our speakers on social media and follow them for more tips and insights. 

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Latest Marketing Trends

Keep up with the latest marketing trends in South East Asia and gain insights from some of the most influential figures in the industry. 

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