Build products that people want.

Battle test your product ideas and use validation to build the right solution. Measure the user experience and evaluate your product performances.


Find out ____________ in product insights

It's common sense. Consumers know what they want, you just need to know what they want by asking them the right questions. Ask:

Concept Testing

Capture your target consumer’s opinion and feedback of your business ideas, including:

Concept Validation
Brand Name Testing
Concept Appeal & Interest Level
Concept Purchase Intent.

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Product Testing

Bring your customer’s voice to your product development and iteration.

Product testing allows you to get direct feedback in the product’s pre-launch, including:

Packaging Testing
Product A/B Testing.

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Product Evaluation and Satisfaction

Identify the gap between customer’s expectation and actual product experience by measuring product usage motivation and usage likability.

Calculate the customer’s overall satisfaction and find product recommendations, concerns and room for further improvements.

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Pricing and Promotion

Product pricing should benefit both the business and the market.

Find out the correlation between product pricing and consumer’s purchase intention.

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Post Launch Tracking

Keep everything within your reach. Monitor consumer’s perception of the product over time.

Keep iterating on your product after it's out in the market.

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