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Iterate Your Product with Iterative Research

  • Validate your ideas with real consumer feedback
  • Get the latest consumer insights as fast as in 24 hours
  • Trusted by FMCG, Telco & Banking giants
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The #1 Consumer Research Platform
Trusted by 250+ companies to get reliable AI-driven research and insight.

Product research at different stages of the product lifecycle

Save your time, resources and avoid bad decisions. Designed by product research experts.

Problem Validation

Who is it for?
  • Teams looking to identify the market size of the problems that they are tackling
  • Intend to validate if the problem they tackle is a serious problem that people are willing to pay to solve

Idea Validation

Who is it for?
  • Teams looking to validate their ideas or find a winning idea
  • Perfect for those who look to get feedback on their initial idea

Concept Appeal & Interest Level

Who is it for?
  • Teams looking to validate their solutions concept and identify the interest level among the target consumer
  • Perfect for those who are designing their solution concepts and looking to bridge any gaps

Production Evaluation & Satisfaction

Who is it for?
  • Brands with products that are already in the market
  • Teams looking to get feedback on their products and gauge customer satisfaction

Pricing & Promotion

Who is it for?
  • Teams looking to test different pricing & promotion to identify appeal level

Post Launch Tracking

Who is it for?
  • Brands with products that are already in the market
  • Teams looking to gauge the effectiveness of marketing campaign in launching the product
step 1

Write her ideas on platform

Jane uses platform to write down her ideas as it is as intuitive as using Word document. And Jane can use even when she just wants to ask 5 questions!

step 2

Select the target consumer to test her ideas

Jane only wants to target snacks eater who buy their snacks online and are between 18-35 years old. offer access to 3.6 million people in SEA with not just demographics, but also behaviours and psychographics.

step 3 Researcher helps review the survey

As Jane is not a researcher and afraid of getting anything wrong, expert researcher review service is available on the day itself. Jane is assured to get accurate data.

step 4

Survey data streams in real time & gets validated by our tech

Our platform allows Jane to keep track of all answers that are coming in, giving her the full control. It also comes with technology to remove gibberish data, ensuring that she gets only the right data.

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step 5

Get suggested insights automatically & support from research experts

Jane no longer has to download the data and do manual calculation. Our platform auto suggests insights that could be interesting and useful. We provide additional help such as analysis guidance and PPT reporting delivery when Jane needs the extra touch!


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