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The #1 Consumer Research Platform
Trusted by 250+ companies to get reliable AI-driven research and insight. (32)

Why Vase .ai?

Manual question input? Not anymore.

Our Automated Insights Launcher takes all the guesswork out of coming up with a questionnaire. Now you can launch a concept test in 8 clicks, secure in the knowledge that your concepts will be tested using the best practices of modern consumer research.

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From hours with Excel / PPT, to minutes with our Suggested Insights

Gain quick insight into the most common trends and patterns from your survey by breezing through our Suggested Insights, which highlight significant trends, or dive deeper with our Segmentation Analysis power user feature, enabling you to create your own custom segments to split the respondents in the survey by.


Leave it all to us!
Accelerate Your Research Process with our Full Service Add-Ons:


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2. Full Research Report

With our customised research report add-on, you'll get a comprehensive report of your collected responses to possibly share with your stakeholders or decision-making board. Our add-on packages start at only MYR 4,700 and can be tailored to accommodate the number of questions you ask in your research survey.


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