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How Helped Baskin Robbins Increase Marketing Effectiveness by Learning About Their Target Consumers

Baskin Robbins set out to learn more about their target consumers to be ahead of the growing intense competition. The 3 key solutions enjoyed, among others, are:

1. Improved marketing strategy

2. Learned to create opportune moments

3. Viewed a more holistic picture


About The Company


Baskin Robbins is no stranger to ice cream lovers across the globe. In 1988, Dato Cheah started the first ever Baskin Robbins in Malaysia in Subang Parade. The rest, as we know it, is history. Today, Baskin Robbins has more than 130 outlets throughout Malaysia

What did solve for Baskin Robbins?


Group 3960 (2) "We were able to improve our strategies" - The survey uncovered underlying factors that informed marketing strategies to improve consumer visit and purchase

Group 3960 (2)"We learned to create opportune moments" - The insights from the survey taught us how to better create moments where consumers are influenced to choose ice cream over other desserts, in particular, Baskin Robbins

Group 3960 (2)"They made us view a more holistic picture" - We understand general consumer motivations better and factors influencing consumers' urge to visit an ice cream store

The challenge


Baskin Robbins needed to find ways to compete against competitors such as Haagen Dazs, Ben & Jerry's, Magnum, etc., as well as new players such as Inside Scoop, Softsrve, Llaollao, Fatbaby Ice Cream, etc.

They also wanted to learn of any unsuspecting competitors to be able to strategise better and where required, reconstruct their marketing strategies and approach. Baskin Robbins aimed to appear as a more appealing option when it comes to ice cream or choice of desserts.

  1. Identify if the price, brand equity or other factors that are driving the loss of customer visits at the various outlets
  2. Identify consideration factors consumers take into account when making dessert purchases
  3. Identify strategies to effectively influence consumer decisions

The Solution!

  • Evaluation - Key reasons consumers are / aren't purchasing from Baskin Robbins
  • Brand outlook - Brand perception of Baskin Robbins and its competition
  • Consumer behaviours - Purchase behaviours and preferences of consumers
  • Profile/personas - Profile / segment the consumer groups for more effective marketing messages

The Delivery:

  • Survey divided into different categories -'s team of research experts suggested splitting the survey into several components in order to get a more holistic picture of the overall market
  • Current and upcoming competitors - With immense growth and innovation in the F&B industry, it is crucial to keep yourself updated with the current and upcoming competition, and identify ways to stay ahead
  • Purchasing & Consumer Influencing Factors, Brand Perception, and Consumer Personas - By splitting the survey into these components, the brand was able to gather significant insights for a strategic annual marketing plan
  • Tracking consumer journey & behaviour - What happens when a customer visits a store or a mall? By understanding this journey, Baskin Robbins was able to create opportune moments to influence a consumer into choosing to dine-in or purchase from them

The Results


Based on feedback from our target consumers:

  • Baskin Robbins is among the top 3 brands that consumers are aware of
  • Baskin Robbins is among the favourite because of its good taste, likeable flavours, good reputation and reviews
  • Identified decision making factors when selecting an ice cream store - pricing, accessibility, and preferred flavour availability
  • Identified the moment when consumers think of having ice cream for more effective targeting

Case Study

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