August 2021

How Vase.ai Helps Marketing Agencies Solve Their Research Needs

As a marketing agency founder, PiWo is always pressed for time and budget. Yet, consumer research is a necessary step in order to get the insights required to come up with a marketing strategy. Consumer research has always been a process that takes a long time to complete, at a price that is out of reach, and a lot of times, the company doesn't have full control over the research design, resulting in data that is not actionable. With Vase.ai, PiWo is able to get his nationwide research done in 3 days, at a price that is very palatable, and he even has full control over the research design, giving him the data that he needs in order to formulate a marketing strategy.

How Vase.ai Helps Marketing Agencies Solve Their Research Needs

Getting consumer insights for a pitch, to validate a strategy and more

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About The Company

Idealogic Lab came to life from an innate determination to provide brands with meaningful strategies in this new normal world. With numerous years of experience, PiWo Chia founded Idealogic Lab after his last role as the Chief Strategy Officer at Naga DDB.

Idealogic Lab operates with the core belief of having the right tools to ensure brands are appropriated with the most relevant and impactful strategies to grow in the right direction and ensure consistent growth.

Common Struggles Faced by Marketing Agencies for Market Research

  • When it comes to a pitch, usually given a timeframe of 2 weeks in total, making it a real challenge to conduct market research
  • Surveys sent to family members and friends skew the data towards a particular profile
  • Nationwide research is too expensive and time consuming, especially when it's for a pitch
  • When engaging a large research agency, a lot of times, the agency doesn't have control over the research design, making collected data not actionable
  • Coming up with the right questions is sometimes a challenge given that research is not the marketing agency's forte

What did Vase.ai Solve For PiWo Chia, A Marketing Strategy Expert

  • They gave us the gift of time - giving us consumer insights in as little as 24 hours, allowing us to focus on the actual pitch
  • They allowed us to do more with less - we only needed to spend a quarter of what we would usually spend on research, making it possible for us to replace corridor surveys
  • We received input from nationally representative Malaysians - allowing us to have a more representative data of the nation to formulate better marketing strategies
PiWo Chia, Founder
With Vase.ai, you can be super sure of the strategy that you're implementing.
PiWo Chia, Founder

The Challenge

  • Lack of time & biased results - In the past, the company resorted to street intercepts, where they would reach out to 30 - 40 people for an interview. However, this would take up to a week to complete. Besides having a bias in the results, the budget also does not permit us to run a full-scale survey to validate our assumptions
  • Minimum control over research & "unactionable" insights - When engaging with larger research companies, there is a lack of control in the design and approach. The result is an abundance of data that takes a lot of time to evaluate and to extract meaningful insights, which results in a lot of guesswork instead
  • Research is expensive and takes a long time - Research has always been so expensive that the minimum we would need to spend is RM60,000 for a simple survey. The turnaround time is usually 2 - 3 months, which makes the results outdated and unreliable
PiWo Chia, Founder
Now I have more time to focus on the development of the strategy of the marketing campaign.
PiWo Chia, Founder

The Solution

Vase.ai evaluates the problem and provides a customised approach for each issue.


Vase.ai offered Idealogic Lab a solution that allowed them to solve an age-old problem with research using a platform that can provide insights in as little as 24-hours, there was more time to spread across strategising and testing.

Insights vs Data

Many agencies drown in data that may not be useful; moreover, they may not have the time to decipher them. Vase.ai’s platform provides suggested insights that places a spotlight on the more critical points, making sense of the data collected.

Approach and Design

Vase.ai's team of research experts work closely with clients to ensure that the questionnaire design fits the selected approach in gathering valuable & meaningful insights, contributing to getting insights that are actionable and relevant to the strategy.

The Delivery

Affordable rate and turnaround time of 3 days

Results were displayed in a very digestible way. Vase.ai is able to provide proper research to companies at a price and turnaround time that makes research for a pre-campaign make sense.

Meaningful and relevant insights

The suggested insights feature on Vase.ai's platform helps greatly in interpreting the data, and reducing chances of missing out on meaningful insights. This gives us confidence in the strategy that we’ve developed, confidence in making a decision that “this” is the right thing to do for the brand.

Live results

Charts are live. You get access to a dashboard where you can see responses come in as the survey is being answered, enabling you to observe responses & indicate the story that you can tell or the hypothesis to form, resulting in a lot of time saved since you have a good idea of the narrative to work on.

Consumer research experts

Vase.ai’s platform comes with a customer support chat bubble championed by a team of experienced researchers that are very responsive (they often even respond during weekends), giving you the peace of mind that your project is in good hands.

PiWo Chia, Founder
For other agencies out there, see Vase.ai as your research partner. When you’re working with large agencies, you don’t really have any decision making power in the entire research process, and at the end, you don’t really know how to make full use of the data. With Vase.ai, as an agency, you get a lot more control in terms of deciding what data to collect which will allow you to utilise the data effectively after the research, and you can accurately diagnose the immediate problems and you can make better decisions.
PiWo Chia, Founder

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