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Business Development

Junior Sales Executive

Group Malaysia/Philippines   Group 2306 Fully Remote

We're looking for a Junior Sales Executive that is interested in growing the business by:
  • Understanding the friction / pain points of leads
  • Identifying areas that we excel in providing help with
  • Tailor fitting solutions to said needs
  • Qualifying leads by determining fit
  • Ensuring proper handling of their buyer-journey from lead to client & handoff to CS
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Group 3976
Fully Remote Working Environment
Group 3977
Unlimited Paid Leaves
Group 3978
Co-working Allowance
Group 3979
Medical Insurance
Group 3980
Grow & Learn by Getting Things Done
Group 3981
Work with the Newest Technologies
Group 3958-1
Young & Diverse Team
Group 3982
Join a Cool Tech Startup   (at least we think so)
Group 2162

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