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Build Successful Brand Campaigns by Tracking the Effectiveness through a Brand Lift Study

Learn how a brand lift study through a consumer research survey helps develop successful brand campaigns.

Nov 08, 2022

Most companies make sure to conduct a brand health study once a year. But the successful ones who truly believe in putting their consumers first conduct a brand lift study after each marketing campaign. This allows them to track the effectiveness of their campaign and identify the changes in their target consumers’ awareness, perception, consideration and the likelihood of purchase towards their brand.

Through continuous learning and iteration, companies will be able to create more effective campaigns that contribute to brand growth.

A brand lift study answers the following questions:

  1. Are audiences able to recall the ad?
  2. Are audiences attributing the ad to the correct brand?
  3. Do people like what they see in the ad?
  4. Are they more aware of the brand’s presence after seeing the ad?
  5. Did the ad influence people in considering the advertised brand or product?
  6. Are consumers more likely to purchase the product or brand after seeing the ad?

How can one conduct a Brand Lift study?

Primary Market Research

Primary market research, for example online surveys or online focus group discussions, allows you to ask either global or regional audiences (depending on how big your marketing campaign is) what they think about your ad. More importantly, you are able to specify how the ad affects their customer journey. These effects can stretch from awareness, consideration and influence to purchase:



Are more people aware of the brand after the campaign? Did they become aware of the brand from the campaign or elsewhere? Did the source of their awareness affect their sentiment towards the brand, whether it’s positive or negative?


How does the consumer’s perception towards the brand change before and after the marketing campaign ? Do the consumers believe in the values of the brand and its products’ usage? Are consumers able to recall the ad? Are consumers able to identify the key messages shared in the ad? Do consumers tie the ad back to the brand?


Is the ad persuasive enough to get people to buy the product? How do the key messages in the ads move people to purchase the product? Are the audiences choosing to lean towards the brand in their future purchases after seeing the ad?

Measure Changes in Online Metrics

To support your primary market research findings, you should also be measuring your online metrics as a concise validation. Increase in likes, comments and shares will validate your increase in brand engagement whilst new website or social media visitors contribute to the general increase in the brand awareness.


Consistently conducting brand lift studies in your brand building journey helps to ensure that your campaigns are bringing your brand towards the right direction. At its core, a brand lift study identifies if your ad is generating the positive impact that you desire; whether it’s towards your brand or product.

If you’d like to get started on your brand research, check out our brand score page to learn more about how can help. Alternatively, you can speak to us directly by submitting your contact information.

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