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Understanding the ‘men’ in menstruation

Libresse and BBDO Malaysia wanted to educate Malaysian men on the topic of menstruation, but needed reliable insights. Read how helped.

Nov 08, 2022

You … don’t get it, do you?”

She stares at him, waiting for the answer she already knew. This is, after all, a talk about menstruation.

He shakes his head meekly.


It isn’t his fault, though. Most men don’t understand menstruation because it isn’t something that they deal with. But is it important for them to make an effort, considering that they too have women in their lives?

Yes, it is.

Libresse and BBDO Malaysia wanted to educate Malaysian men on the subject, but first, they needed information. As the team at BBDO Malaysia, put it, "Just how much do these men know about menstruation?”

Are they aware of the different types of sanitary products out there? Do they know how to make women feel better in these times? Do they believe that understanding the subject helps to improve their romantic relationships?".

They needed the answers to all these and more, and they needed them from a very specific source: young Malaysian males between the ages of 18 to 25.

But who would be able to help?

Enter Vase and its consumer insights manager, Mavis.

Taking a questionnaire from BBDO Malaysia, Mavis went about collating information from 700,000 relevant respondents. Just 10 days later, she returned with the data that would help kickstart Libresse’s “Men-struation”, a campaign that doesn’t only educate Malaysian men but also pave the way for future work to speak more openly.

So the next time we talk to men about menstruation, they’d nod their heads for a change.


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