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3 Tips to Make The Best Out of Your Market Research

Top three tricks to make the best out of market research — revealed by a leading market research company in Malaysia.

Nov 08, 2022

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Market research has been proven to uncover multiple business questions. Market research allows businesses to answer questions concerning the market, products, competitors and brands.

Since businesses were built for the people anyway, asking your customers about your business is crucial.

But what makes market research so insightful and great?

The process of market research is simple, it can be summarised in just one sentence:

Asking the right questions to the right respondents will get you the right results

Seems easy, right? In reality however, many businesses still fail to follow such simple yet difficult rules to address.

When conducting market research, there are things that you need to consider:

Set Up Clear Objectives

Before you start doing your market research, you need to identify your brand awareness and what you really want to know from your customers.You also have to know the key measurement of your brand awareness and what the insights that you will get after you get the results from your customers are.

Put Yourself in Your Customer’s Shoes

Having adequate knowledge of your customers is important, it means that you know how and what to communicate with them. Avoid complex and less understandable questions, keep it short and relevant. Align your research objectives with customer-oriented questions.

Take Action

Market research will only be valuable if one acts upon the results. Therefore, your market research report must be actionable, and you must be prepared to make it happen. Use your market research as a guide, aligning your strategy and your decision accordingly.


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