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Delivering Happiness With The “Every” Consumer Innovation Platform

Khind aspires to manufacture innovative appliances that bring happiness to consumers every day, but a reality check showed that this was not met. Find out how helped with Khind's re-messaging.

Nov 08, 2022

The Khind name is no stranger to consumers looking for reliable home appliances. Khind Holdings Berhad was founded in 1961 and has since grown and evolved into a well-known brand throughout the world. It is well known to Malaysians for their affordable and reliable electrical home appliances.

Khind’s objective since its establishment is to be at the forefront of bringing great innovative and affordable products to consumers, manufacturing and distributing a wide range of home appliances of the best qualities such as rice cookers, air cooling fans, oven toasters, multicookers, vacuum cleaners, washing machines and others, to homes in Malaysia and more than 60 countries around the world.

Khind’s tagline “Delivering Happiness. Everyday” is a promise the brand aims to consistently keep to its stakeholders, employees, as well as customers.  Khind sought out to understand how the slogan had applied to their offerings through time, and if their customers too, were feeling the emotions they sought out to deliver with their innovative solutions.

For Khind, ‘Delivering Happiness. Everyday’ to consumers meant that consumers consistently found great quality in their products as well as services. Having gone through a minor restructure of its brand and core values, Khind realised that their intent to ‘deliver happiness, every day’ was not met.

In working towards ‘Delivering Happiness. Everyday’ with success this time around, Khind emphasised their organisation on adopting a ‘Consumer-First’ and data-driven mindset, and foresaw this vision materialising with the help of’s consumer innovation platform, ‘Every’.

Every” by is a consumer innovation platform that enables organisations to innovate together with consumers in real-time. Every is used to understand consumers fast, with the capability to collect opinions from 1,000+ nationally representative Malaysians in hours. Organisations like Khind are using Every to build and innovate better products and services together with the people, for the people.

Every” enables brands to strategically adopt a Consumer-First mindset. This means brands are able to bridge the gap between what consumers want versus what organisations are creating. Consumer-First is combining empirical evidence with anecdotal experience to make rock-solid decisions.

Khind shared how the company had adopted a concept called ‘ART’ which focused on product development with high consideration for consumers in areas of Affordability, Reliability and Trendiness. With this, they resonated with the Consumer-First mindset and envisioned the Khind team to be Consumer-First and data-driven with ‘Every’. Furthermore, Khind aimed to have a team that is able to run research studies independently, to make impactful decisions and innovate at greater precision.

On 30th June 2020, Khind commissioned via ‘Every’,to run a ‘Brand Health’ study. With ‘Every’s’ ability to provide real-time consumer opinions in under just a few days, this enabled the Khind team to gain quick assistance in setting up their brand health study and gaining results in less than 72 hours. Khind’s Marketing Manager, See Yin Khay shared how ‘Every’ had impacted their study:

Khind’s Marketing Manager, See Yin Khay shared how ‘Every’ had impacted their study:

"Every provided a seamless solution for our team to create and build our research. The survey creation process was very quick and the results helped us shape our future plans for the brand. We received great help from the Vase research team. They guided us in building an overall thorough survey. Because of how efficient Every and the Vase team was, this allowed our team to start planning and focus on other areas of the Khind brand."

A Brand Health study is done using a collection of metrics that shows you how well your brand is doing. While checking for a brand’s health, certain vital aspects are captured, such as relevant consumer awareness of the brand, how they perceive the brand, what they expect from it as compared to competitor brands and whether or not they intend on purchasing from them. This helps the brand stay a step ahead of the competition and quantify the effectiveness of a brand’s marketing and advertising campaigns.

For Khind’s Brand Health study, focused its research on the below core metrics:

  • Brand Funnel (Awareness, Consideration, Trial / Ever Used, Advocacy)
  • Brand Perception (Brand Value)
  • Brand Used Most Often (BUMO)
  • Brand Relevance
  • Net Promoter Score (NPS)

While brand health studies have been around for decades, what sets ‘Every' apart is the ability to deliver results in under a minimum of only two days. This allows for quick decision making, more than enough time for experimentation, and of course understanding the rate at which consumer behaviours are changing. Every allows a brand to analyse the changes that are taking place around them, and make crucial hypotheses or correlations on trend developments or market shifts, based on current events.

Focusing on the core metrics of's Brand Health Study, Khind gained a deep awareness of how its brand is currently perceived by consumers. As Khind had also branded itself to be a ‘one-stop best home appliances provider in Malaysia’, gaining clarity on where the brand stood amongst its competitors was extremely valuable for Khind to strategise areas of focus for future brand or product campaigns.

From this study, Khind uncovered the below insights:

  • Brand Positioning of the Khind brand in relevant categories against competitors
  • Brand and Product areas of improvements for Khind as well as competitors
  • Consumer Sentiments on the Positive & Negative attributes of Khind and its competitors
  • Consumers Distinction of Khind and its competitors
  • Unfavourable aspects of the Khind brand & areas needing improvement
  • Common consumer purchase channels

When asked which home and kitchen appliances brand consumers were aware of, Khind appeared in the fourth spot amongst its competitors, revealing its brand awareness positioning in the category of home and kitchen appliances.

This further revealed insight that while consumers are existing or past users of Khind’s products, they do not necessarily perceive Khind to be under the home and kitchen appliances product category as the brand intended itself to be.

Similarly, Khind was able to analyse its positioning of its competitors of the same category and identify consumer perceptions towards competing brands and products. With these insights, Khind was able to navigate strategically to ensure they can make significant changes and improvements in repositioning their brand efforts to coincide with the current market environment. With that, the brand is now able to focus on providing more profound emphasis on present consumers needs and shift their focus on innovating their other products and services.

With the help of ‘Every’, Khind is now several steps ahead into achieving their goal of having an autonomous and data-driven team. ‘Every’ aided significantly in revealing Khind’s position in the current market and enabled them to make more informed decisions moving forward. Khind now aims to utilise ‘Every’ to perform a brand health tracker, which is commonly done after an extensive brand health study, as well as focus on other areas of their brand’s growth.

‘Every’s’ swiftness and access to consumers from around Malaysia, in real-time will further be able to provide Khind with data to identify the depth in which changes can occur within a consumer and the market, and allow them to be and remain several steps ahead of their competitors.


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