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COVID19 - How are Malaysians preparing themselves?

COVID-19 has been declared a pandemic, stirring panic and worry, globally. In light of the recent restricted movement announcement, we asked 1,028 nationally representative Malaysians their thoughts on the latest developments.

Feb 14, 2023

Here's what we learned:

    • 8% of Malaysians do not know how COVID-19 is transmitted.
    • Almost all (98%) are aware of the safety measures to take in the prevention of COVID-19.
    • Malaysians have reduced any outdoor activities and events and started to focus on online transactions.
    • 44% Malaysians say they have taken precautions against COVID-19 by allocating emergency funds while 42% are purchasing life/medical insurance.
    • 11% believe it is safe to travel internationally, depending on which country.
    • 79% say they have been avoiding particular public transportations due to COVID-19.
    • Besides Facebook (83%), 54% Malaysians are frequenting Ministry of Health's website (MOH) to stay updated on COVID-19 developments.
    • 50% say they have purchased only basic home essentials and food that they need while 15% share that they purchased a lot of both.
    • Majority of Malaysians are ready to take hygienic safety precautions even after COVID-19.
    • 21% of Malaysians feel the movement restriction or social distancing will not affect their lives, while 30% say they had to cancel significant plans.

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