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past blogs Challenging Brands with PHD & eatbigfish worked with PHD in adopting an efficient research metric to identify Challenger brands within 5 selected categories.

Nov 11, 2022

With the growing number of businesses that have shifted towards humanising their brands today, we have to acknowledge the efforts that they have placed towards challenging the status quo. The heights in which change has occurred over the years have not only granted easier access to products and services for consumers but have created a myriad of opportunities for new businesses to continuously establish and grow within their respective industries.

Who do you stand with when it comes to resetting the agenda? Take the Overthrow II quiz to find out your personal challenger type. It can help you identify what’s important to you in the way you work, the kind of organisation that would value your skills, and the strategies and media behaviours your challenger tribe rallies behind.

Just a a week ago, PHD and eatbigfish hosted the event, Overthrow II - The Definitive Guide To Challenger Thinking. The event awarded ten brands for adopting a challenger mindset to drive more ambitious growth. As the chosen research partner for this event, worked with PHD in adopting an efficient research metric to identify Challenger brands within 5 selected categories.

Twenty years after the concept of the challenger brand was coined, PHD and eatbigfish define the shift in what makes challengers successful today: not necessary brands that challenge somebody, but brands that challenge something; something they feel needs to change. Today, the challenger behaviour is not confined to the new or the small. Brands of all sizes – whatever their category, competition, heritage or personality – can benefit from adopting a challenger mindset and drive more ambitious growth. So in challenging times, we welcome a new breed of challengers.

Through a series of questions directed at 1,000 nationally representative Malaysians, we identified ten brands within the 5 Challenger categories which were top choices from the 1,000 consumers we’ve engaged with.

To further evaluate the chosen brands, consumers were asked ten validation questions to identify the reasons behind their brand selections. The validation questions aimed to strengthen the brand’s position within each category. Among opinions, respondents were asked questions on brand or service accessibility, advertising, customer service, trendsetter or breaker, and connection with the community.

Two brands were chosen for each category. The winners were as follow:

Adopting the challenger mindset ourselves here at, our CEO, Julie Ng shared tips on how you can continuously evaluate your brand health by challenging the conventional thinking around when to perform research.

  • Do not only consider performing research when you have a big budget,
    You can start your research with only RM5,000.
  • Do not only consider performing research when you have the time,
    You can get results in just under 2 hours, with’s solutions.
  • Do not only consider performing research when you've big decisions to make,
    You can be data-driven for any decisions you make - big or small.
  • Do not only consider performing research when there is a crisis at hand,
    You can be proactive in measuring your business in your consumers’ eyes.

Although research may be something hard to master, as a non-researcher, do not wait to be an expert to perform research. You too can adopt a ‘Consumer-First’ mindset by always placing your consumers at the heart of your decision-making process. empowers brands in building credible and purposeful research studies. Work with us to learn the art of constructing strategic surveys that can ease your decision-making process and apply more accurate marketing strategies for your business.

If you’re a consumer brand, executing your product and marketing strategy without consumer data can be akin to flying blind in this era of rapid disruption. Start by talking to our research consultants and learn how you can leverage our capabilities at to start your journey on becoming a Consumer-First marketer.


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