Why does the consumer
not choose my product?

Proactiveness trumps reactiveness. Find out the reason why some consumers don’t choose your product before your sales report arrives.

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What you will learn from a Product Audit

Level of awareness of the product

Level of awareness of the product

Have consumers heard of the product? People can't buy something they don't know exist

Level of familiarity with the product

Level of familiarity with the product 

Are consumers familiar with the product? Help consumers choose between your product and your competitors'

Overall perception of the product

Overall perception of the product

What do consumers think about the product? Bad awareness is worse than low awareness

Likeability of the packaging design

Likeability of the packaging design 

Does the packaging stand out and grabs the consumer's attention? Help consumers notice your product

Attractiveness of product messaging

Attractiveness of product messaging

How much do consumers resonate with the product messaging? Relevance increases likeability

Pricing acceptance

Pricing acceptance

Would consumers pay for your product at this price? Margin is important, so is sales

Attractiveness of the promotion

Attractiveness of the promotion

Does this promotion attract consumers to buy the product? Create campaigns that work

Comparison of all the above with

Comparison of all the above with competition

How does the product stand against the other competing products? Gain the upper hand over your competitors


Guide your product strategy through consumer feedback with a product audit

Design your product strategy around the opinions of the people who are buying your product.

Guide your product strategy

Expand and capture a larger market share

Even when your product is selling well, it’s always worth understanding why the remaining market doesn’t choose your product. These insights could lead to a new product that increases your topline.


Get detailed answers on why consumers don’t choose you

The best way to improve is to face the moment of truth by understanding in detail why consumers say “no”.


Understand what makes different segment ticks 

Not all segments face the same issues. We serve you with instant suggested insights that highlights the differences across segments. 


Compare with your competition and know where you stand

Your product score is only meaningful when you compare with your competition.


Measure and track your improvements 

Measure your growth and put a financial value to all your product iteration. Impress your stakeholders with your results scorecard.

Case Study

How we helped Carsome to increase their awareness by 42%

“The Vase.ai team’s understanding of Carsome's business challenges helped shape an impactful and insightful research study.

We used the responses from the research to understand how to better communicate with consumers and make more effective decisions on advertising channels.

We have been using the results from the surveys to revise our advertising budget allocations each quarter. We made decisions to abort certain ads and invest more in others.

Our communication with consumers has also shifted to focus more on their problems and concerns. ”

Regional Director - Marketing & Product
More awareness

Return-On-Investment you get from using Product Audit


Know how your product fare against other products.


Learn which part of your product is weak. Focus on fixing the sweet spots that matter.


Identify opportunity to elevate your product to be the product leader. 


Reach unstoppable success with tracking

Elevate your product game, decrease the stress of getting there.


Get your product score


Highlight the product improvement that can be made


Determine an action plan


Execute your action plan


Track your product results


Iterate based on the results

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